Beth Petty became the museum manager in 1999 because of her father's influence and love for this great legend. She spent most of her life listening to country music, especially Hank Williams. In 1976 she realized a dream her father had while observing him sort through old records, books and yellowed newspapers.

I was 17 years old and remember walking past the assortment of memorabilia, "What are you going to do with all this old junk?" I asked him. "I hope it will go in a museum for Hank Williams one day." he replied.

Cecil JacksonThe late Cecil Jackson is her dad and it was his dream that finally came true on February 8, 1999 with the opening of the Museum in Montgomery where he served as president of the Hank Williams Memorial Foundation Montgomery until his passing on March 15, 2010.

It was his life-long dream to build a fitting Memorial Museum to a legendary Country Music Star, Hank Williams. His dream came true by great personal sacrifice, perseverance and staying true to himself, while pursuing this personal dream. Thanks to all who helped with this enormous task of making a country boys dream a reality.

When Jackson was 8 years old, Hank bought him a coke at a small gas station located across the street from where he lived. This was the beginning of his interest in country music. From then on he listened to Hank on WSFA, the local radio station in Montgomery. When Cecil was 11, Hank came to the Lightwood Community in Elmore County for a show. He helped change a flat tire for Hank that night and Hank later dedicated a song to the Lightwood flat fixers. In 1952, one week before Hank Williams passed away, Cecil rotated and balanced the tires on Hank's 1952 baby blue Cadillac. From then on, his love for Hank's music grew into a dream of what is now the Hank Williams Museum.

It houses the most complete collection of Hank Williams' Memorabilia. A visit to the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery is a visit into the past, a past that continues today, the life and times of Hank Williams.

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